ID Cards in Church

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AFP – Fri, Jul 6, 2012 Georgia’s powerful Orthodox Church has assured believers that the ex-Soviet state’s new electronic identity cards do not carry the mark of Satan after being petitioned by worried worshippers.

“The Holy Synod states that from the point of view of theological and ecclesiastical teachings, ID cards as they exist today do not represent the mark of the Antichrist,” the Church’s governing body said in a statement late Thursday.

Not that Georgia, but the one in Eastern Europe. But here in the US State of Georgia, or Tennessee, or Alabama or anywhere else in America, a church ID card can give access to a range of services.

Growing church memberships and community involvement have made church ID cards great solutions for parishioners and clergy alike.

Churches with programs for children and babies during normal service hours can use ID cards to ensure safe pickup after the classes and services are over. Church members help keep kids safe by accurately connecting parents to their children during Sunday school and time in the nursery.

Church ID cards can also be helpful for identifying church staff members, including youth group leaders, outreach workers and more. In large environments with large amounts of visitors, it’s also important to distinguish the leaders of the church.

Why stop there? Plastic cards with your service hours and location can be printed with a scripture passage on the back from this Sunday’s sermon! These can be placed at the local gas station or restaurant as long lasting reminders of your church.

ID card systems for churches are reasonably priced and easy to use. Complete systems from US Identification include printer, software, camera and supplies so you are creating high-quality ID cards for your church in short order.


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Church Membership ID Cards

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Does your Church issue membership cards? Do the Community Outreach members have a high quality ID card they use and display when they are working?

Church Membership ID cards provide a sense of belonging within the Church and provide for proper identification when attending Church related functions such as a community outreach program or youth service events.

By incorporating a photograph, name, address, signature, height, eye color, hair color, issue and expiration date and a unique identifying number your ID card satisfies many identification requirements.

In addition to printing church member and staff ID cards, custom fundraising cards can also be conveniently and efficiently printed. Work with businesses in your community to provide discounts to card holders, then design a custom card that advertises the businesses and their offers. Sell the discount cards to members or even throughout your community to raise additional funds for your church or organization.

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Valid ID Cards

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Did you know there are security features such as UV printing on most government issued ID cards, including the driver license?

Our photo ID systems have the capability to incorporate these security features in your own ID card program. This allows you to make a more professional, more widely accepted ID card that your members will use more often therefore gaining increased presence for your organization within your community and beyond.

Our systems can print an additional photo, a graphic, static text such as company name or location, the card member’s name and other information in UV ink so that it can only be seen when held under a blacklight.

Don’t be stuck with a photo ID system that makes an ID card that any kid in third period Tech Ed class can duplicate with ease.

The staff at US Identification are considered subject matter experts in photo ID cards and can work with your organization to create a powerful, professional identity card program.

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